KLIA Porter Service FAQ

What is KLIA Porter Service?

KLIA Porter Service help to carry baggage from the inbound or outbound areas and other drop-off points to check-in counters at both terminals and from the Baggage Reclaim Hall to pick-up points for ground transport.


Where can I get KLIA Porter Service?

You can get our service at Level 5 and Level 3


When should I apply for porter service?

You should apply for porter service when you wanted to travel and needs to carry a lot of luggage. By using our service, you don’t need to worry, we will help and carry your baggage.


How do I use porter?

You can make reservation via online OR kindly go to our booth located in Level 3 and level 5, KLIA Airport.


Can I edit or cancel request once the transaction has been confirmed?

Any cancellation need to be made 48 hours from your departure or arrival time.


What are the item or criteria for the item to be accepted by porter services?

We accept all of your belonging. However, we suggest you let us know if you’re bring fragile item or any item that needs extra care.


Is there any weight limitation?

Each trolley limits to four (4) luggage OR two (2) bags of golf set only.


What are the fee charge?

We charge at a very reasonable price. RM30 per trolley.


How long will it take the item to reach the destination?

It depends on the location of your destination.


What if the item is damage during using your service?

We really hope you will never face with any difficult situation while using our service. However, if there is any damage cause by our staff, kindly go to our booth and make a report to our officer in charge, he or she will help you.


How far in advance should I make an online reservation?

Online reservation should be made at any time.


What do you charge for cancellation?

We chare RM30 per trolley if you cancelled last minute.


What hour does the service operate?

Our porter service starts to operate at 5 a.m. until 11p.m


How quickly will my request will be dealt with?

It is a must for us to deal with customer request as soon as possible.


How do I track the progress of my request?

You can track your request in our website or Mobile application.


How do I make changes to my original request?

If you want to make changes to your request, please make sure you do it in 48 hours before your arrival or departures time.


Can we book porter service along with ticket booking?

Not yet. However, once we get the approval regarding this matter, we will update our customer and post it on our website.


Do you have mobile application for KLIA Porter Service?



Where are the counter located?

Level 3 and Level 5, KLIA